Well, what isn’t a Wine Wagon?!

The Wine Wagon is the original MADE IN USA must-have for everyone who loves one-of-a-kind decor, unique gifts, cool stuff, and especially… box wine! Endless possibilities for use, adorable and irresistibly clever in design. Originally created to intriguingly hide-away or shamelessly display a 5 liter box of wine!™

But wait… there’s more! It’s not just for wine, use it anytime! You can:

  • Fill it
  • Display it
  • Gift it
  • Decorate it
  • Customize it
  • Collect it

You can do damn near anything with this wagon, folks!

The search is over in your quest for love. You’ve found it in this hot lil’ wagon that makes the perfect addition to your: home, business, party, picnic, event, auction, wedding, baby shower, or must-have gift list. Wine Wagons are blazing trails in style as the ultimate pioneer for box wine lovers and sophisticated shoppers everywhere.