Catherine Roberts


Catherine is the founding force, strategist and creative mind within the company. An eternal optimist passionate about her beliefs, she spearheaded the endeavor to launch a business, design its products and implement her vision.

An entrepreneur in spirit with a love for helping others, Catherine is also an executive level communications consultant and volunteer for charitable organizations. Generous career opportunities helped cultivate her expertise in writing, editing, marketing, strategizing, advising, and business development.
Her communications background includes early career positions marketing to doctors and various promotional brand ambassador opportunities for business owners in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area to years of contracting positions providing on-site leadership support to highly classified government directorates, consulting to business owners and launching a business. Catherine is also a military veteran. She spontaneously joined the United States Air Force signals intelligence field after a split second decision at 18 years old. After she returned from Japan to the states, she joined the part-time Air National Guard, served full-time at an intelligence agency then part-time in public affairs in conjunction with other civilian positions and pursuits.

Catherine loves creative freedom, yet her life changing teenage decision paved the way for her former journey in the bureaucratic and top secret cleared world of her communications career. She served in leadership roles and supported senior level government clients at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Security Agency (NSA), the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Pentagon and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. At times she solely created, and implemented strategic communications plans, programs and teams. She’s consulted to technology, engineering companies and a non-profit charity. Catherine is also part of a television production where she’s an on-air correspondent for a PBS affiliate television show in DC, MD, VA and WV. She attended American University in Washington, D.C. and received a BA in Journalism from the School of Communication.

Chris Risteter


Chris is the predominant technical and operational mind within the company. His accomplished leadership background as a software engineer turned business technology consultant complements his co-founder’s strengths to form a dynamic business partnership.

While his career is technical in nature, Chris possesses sharp people and management skills leveraging defensive strategies in an adaptive way. His career began in West Chester, PA at the corporate headquarters of QVC, Inc., one of the world’s largest multimedia retailers. There he served in various website developer, team lead and program manager positions for ecommerce application development and multi-channel marketing integration projects online and for television. He collaborated with creative merchandising and marketing teams, designed high performance applications and implemented highly technical projects before he extended his talents to other software and technology companies, at times, selected for his expertise to work on significant projects overseas.

After managing a company’s ecommerce department in Philadelphia, PA he relocated to San Francisco to further enhance his career on the west coast with a global technology company offering creative technology solutions. He’s since worked with a variety of corporate clients managing major projects, teams and consulting from beginning to launch.

Chris received a BS in Computer Science from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and a Master of Software Engineering degree from Penn State University. His willingness to take risks while focusing on final outcomes fosters his role as an entrepreneur and technology business consultant in the Bay Area of Northern California and within the U.S.